Leslie Skylights continues to offer a complete line of standard and custom sized acrylic and glass units in both fixed and openable versions. Openable units can be operated manually or electrically (telescopic poles or cranks are provided with manual units). Leslie Skylights also supplies structural skylight systems to glaziers, sheet metal contractors and roofing contractors qualified to install its products. Such units can be frames only for glazing by others or complete systems in knock-down form for easy “bolt together” installation. Leslie Skylights can provide installation or consultation on all its products.


Glazing options include impact resistant acrylic, polycarbonate, or glass. All acrylic skylights are available in clear, white, bronze or gray tint, depending upon your preference for light transmittance and glare or heat control.

Glass skylights are available in single glazed clear wire glass or laminated glass in clear, bronze, gray or diffused white tint. Dual glazed glass is also offered with a choice of clear, bronze, gray or diffused white tints.


The design of our extra-durable aluminum frames includes fully welded corners to protect against leakage and built-in condensation gutters which allow water droplets to evaporate or run out through weep holes. Frames are available in mill, bronze anodized, bronze painted or white painted.


Leslie Skylights’ plastic domes are made from domestic high grade acrylic which has high impact strength and does not discolor. The domes are available in single, double or triple glazing for maximum insulation. Our dual glazed glass units are made with a tempered outer pane, a 1/2″ airspace and a 7/32″ laminated inner pane. Single glazing is available in wire or laminated glass.


Leslie Skylights supplies a wide variety of skylight shapes and sizes for the commercial and residential markets throughout Southern California. Pyramids, Hip-Ridges, Lean-To’s, Polygons, Barrel Vaults or Circular – no type or design is beyond the capability of our experienced staff. Extruded aluminum skylight frames can be either heliarc welded or mechanically fastened as necessary to meet job site or shipping requirements.

Frames can be supplied with standard mill aluminum or bronze anodized finishes as well as almost any type of paint coating. Skylight glazing materials include glass, acrylic or polycarbonate and can be customized to meet virtually any design, tint or energy requirements.


Leslie Skylights are warranted against defects in workmanship or materials for five (5) years from date of shipment, provided they are installed in accordance with Leslie Skylights’ recommendations. In some cases, longer warranty periods are applicable. Refer to Leslie Skylights limited warranty information sheet for details. All Leslie Skylights meet or exceed U.B.C. requirements.